Week 13 March – Wrist Smasher

This week saw some more beautiful weather hitting the South of England again for a change. With Monday off as well I used the opportunity to get out on the bike and soak up some perfect condition trails in the South Downs over the three days. With all the chalk, opportunities to ride these trails when they are not either soaked or crumbling are short. The conditions were even so good that I did try some of the off-piste trails at QECP that normally I would chicken out from.

Sunday saw another glorious day but not such a glorious ride, which was my fault for pratting about on my bike. Deciding to do a long Cross Country Route with H the ride started out well, unfortunately down one country lane I decided H was going too slow and went out into the middle of the road. Forgetting that cars use these roads too when one came around the corner I moved back in to avoid it, not realising just how close H was behind me. No one got injured apart from me (as I got smashed into a hedge) and my bike a good lesson to be more sensible, well at least when on a quiet country lane.

Feeling slightly injured Monday saw us back to QECP to session some more of the off-piste trails. With a slightly sore wrist the day was still fun.


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