February Week 8 – South Wales

After a horrible case of the flu, the end of Week 8 and the last week in February saw me back on target for achieving my goals. I got back into making sure I carried out my weekly Yoga session which was not easy with our house upside down due to visitors. 

This week also saw H, myself and a friend head off to South Wales for a bike trip and long weekend. We knew before we went that the weather wasn’t going to be great, but also knew that the weather in Wales did tend to be localised and generally it’s not too bad in the woods so decided to continue with our trip.

Friday saw us arriving and taking on “The Wall” at Afan. I really enjoy this trail as I know once you’ve done all the up its all down to the end. There also isn’t anything overly technical on this trail and it’s pretty natural feeling which I always prefer to the man made trails. After tackling “The Wall” we had a quick stop in the cafe for a cup of tea and I had a huge and very tasty piece of cake (probably not the best idea mid ride).

Next I went off to have a quick blast around “Blue Scar” a nice rolling piece of trail that feels more purpose built than “The Wall”. Friday was a lovely day riding especially as the sun decided to make an appearance. Saturday everyone was feeling a bit rough, the flu not totally out of my system and with it chucking it down with rain we chose to stay in and watch the rugby instead.

Sunday we stopped off at Cwmcarn on the way back where I had a go at tackling Cafell. I won’t lie I find this trail a bit tough the up is a meandering up which ends up tiring me out a bit too much to enjoy the down. I also had my head down too much on Sunday, second guessing my ability and nearly causing myself a few accidents. I did make it round in one piece though and it is a great trail I just need to be more confident and perhaps a bit fitter!

It felt great to be back in Wales and away from home for a few days!


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