February Week 5 – It’s getting lighter for longer

This week hasn’t been great at achieving my goals. From Sunday night I started to feel very tired, rundown and a bit sick. I’m not sure if I picked up a bug but whatever it was lasted most of the week. I was supposed to be having my second snowboarding lesson but decided to postpone it which looking back I am very glad I did as I would have struggled. 

I did manage to keep up my weekly Yoga session and on Saturday decided I’d pop out for a ride (Note to self if you aren’t feeling all that well it’s probably better to rest). I ended up have a rather large crash on my bike on one of my favourite and not even technical trails which has left me with a massive purple/black bruise taking up most of the inside of my leg. Luckily nothing is broken just a few other bumps.

This week with feeling unwell I’ve also let some bad habits creep back in and I’ve not been eating all that well choosing things to shove in the oven rather than making something from scratch. I am feeling better now though and looking forward to a better next week!


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