January Week 4 -Wet, wet, wet

I’ve been working hard over January to really reduce the amount of alcohol I drink and sugar I eat whilst keeping my exercise routine going. Which isn’t that easy when it’s dark so early and the easiest thing to do is snuggle into the sofa and watch something on Netflix, I recommend Dirk Gently.

However in the main I’ve been sticking to my plans. This weekend wasn’t very productive as all I managed to do was a few Yoga sessions and a lot of sitting around the house at the weekend. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing as we all need a break every now and then to unwind. This weekend however was slightly unplanned. I found out what happens if you leave a bike in an outside shed in freezing temperatures (the forks blow up inside), that when it is chucking it down with rain I generally don’t feel like going out and that not drinking alcohol has been really good for my anxiety. 

H and I had a few drinks on Saturday and I can happily say this combined with lack of getting outside has left me feeling a little on edge, not to mention a demotivating hangover on Sunday. I didn’t realise the good impact cutting this down had been. In fact this wasn’t something I noticed last year when I cut it out for 3 months. 

When it comes to sugar I’ve never really been a chocolate, sweets and cake eater. More often than not I’ll buy these things and they will end up just sitting in the cupboard. My plan on cutting out sugar had been more around reducing the amount of simple carbs I eat (I eat a lot of pasta and potatoes), processed food, sauces and juice. The first two days were horrible I had terrible headaches and found myself going to sleep and dreaming of chocolate and cakes. I seemed to run out of energy by the evening and felt the need to go to bed early, which isn’t a bad thing but personally I’ve always been pretty lucky with sleep. Overall though as with the alcohol cutting down sugar did make me feel less anxious and I believe has improved my overall health. 

All in all this hasn’t been the most productive week but I am pleased to be learning more about what impacts me mentally and physically. 


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