January Week 3 – Walking and Choices

I’m feeling pleased with myself this week for continuing to keep up the exercise plan. Again I managed to make sure my weekly Yoga routine goal was reached this week. I’m definitely feeling the benefits of this as generally I’m not that good at stretching out.

I think it might be down to it being January and being dark when I get in from work but I was hoping to have achieved more around building some core and upper body strength up in the evenings but I’m still hitting that motivational slump. Suggestions and ideas around this are welcome. Although there is plenty of year to sort this out and I’ve started off well, there is an event in April that this would help with as its well out of my comfort zone. I had hoped to be feeling further ahead to make it more enjoyable. 

Talking of events it seems that every year things I want to do end up clashing. The main ones for me so far this year are the Girls at Gawton Weekend and The Petersfield Ups and Downs. I wanted to do the Girls at Gawton  because even though DH isn’t my thing it looked great fun and I have a personal goal to do the Petersfield Ups and Downs as I want to see how I have or haven’t improved from last time (couple of years ago). I’m sure it won’t be the first or last choice this year! I also need to find time to arrange another ladies ride but it looks like I’m pretty swamped until April!

Back to this week and lots of walking was on the cards. Three walks in fact. The first was my first Night Walk /Sunset Walk of 2017 around the Devil’s Punchbowl. It was an amazing winter sunset with orange and pink splashed across the sky and once the sun had set and it was clear you could see so many stars. I often wish I knew more about them.

The next morning H and I decided to do a much longer sunrise walk. We had planned this the night before so we were ready to go the next day. We started in Rowlands Castle and pretty much followed the Staunton Way to Petersfield taking a slight detore to see this Church which can be seen on the train from Portsmouth to London. Carrying on we went into Charlton, onto QECP, up Butser and down into Stroud to head to the station at Petersfield. 

Sunday was a chilled but lovely walk from South Harting up onto Beacon Hill. It was such a gorgeous day, the wind had really dropped down and what little of it there was it wasn’t cold. It almost felt warm with the sun beaming on my face and it definitely felt more like spring than the end of January! 

Walk – Haslemere 6.8km 112m

Walk – Rowlands Castle to Petersfield 26.9km 541m

Walk – South Harting 9.5km 337m

Lots of year planning happening at the moment. Plans for trips to South Wales, Lakes and North Wales. Im sure we will squeeze a trip to Cornwall in as well! I’m looking forward to see what the week ahead has in store, though I am reducing my sugar intake so I expect grumpiness! 


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