January Week 2 – Farley Mount

Usually by the second week of January, all my good intentions have fallen by the wayside of getting back into a work routine and feeling too tired, with motivation on exercise evaporating by the time I get in. This year was taking a similar turn, however I did find that I was able to use some evenings for Yoga which really helped me to unwind and stretch out.

Farley Mount Walk 8km 63m

 Saturday was a lovely day but both H and I were feeling the effects of a long week. We did manage to get out for some fresh air and went for a short walk just out of Winchester through Crabb Wood and Farley Mount. Fairly flat but high up for Hampshire this is a great place for a family walk. We only walked 7km which is short for us but it was my first 7km walking in 2017 which is a start. Beacon Hill at Farley Mount is unusual with a folly dedicated to a horse which is apparently buried there! 

Yoga, Run 7.1km, Bike 24.7km 207m

Sunday I woke late but feeling ready to get outside and do something. The weather though had other ideas being cold, windy and wet. I actually like running in the rain so I got ready for that and used a Yoga routine for my warm up stretches. Surprisingly H was also on board for a run, with damaged knees from years of running he normally isn’t interested. As H was coming along we made it more interesting and headed to Durford Wood for a run under the trees. I love Durford Wood with its sandy underfoot feel and tall pine trees. We couldn’t run far due to the knee issue so both decided that after the run we would go for a gentle Road Ride (on the mountain bikes).

It was a great way to use a day to be active, when normally I would have hidden away inside playing computer games! Just goes to show you shouldn’t let the weather put you off.


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