2017 Goals

As mentioned in a previous post last year was the first year I set some goals. Although the year hadn’t gone as planned, it was really great to see what I had achieved and some of the other things on top. I decided at the beginning of January to set some more goal for 2017. Looking back on distances I achieved last year, I’ve drawn up some targets to try and reach this year. They are:

  • 3000km Biking 
  • 100 miles Running 
  • 1000 miles Walking 

I plan to achieve these targets through a mixture of just getting outside and through some running events and bike events that I already have lined up on the calendar. I came very close to achieving the Country Walking 1000 miles challenge, on just counting specific hikes and not just walking to work etc, but missed out reaching the end target due to issues mentioned in my previous post, so it would be good to actually achieve it this year!

I also have a few other exercise/wellbeing goals for the year such as

  • Night rides
  • Learning to Snowboard 
  • A weekly yoga practice 
  • 90 days OYNB
  • Climbing regularly 
  • A few scrambles up Mountains

As well as some other personal goals. Lots planned in! Hope you are working towards your 2017 Goals, if you don’t have any why not set some?


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