A look back to 2016 and forward to 2017

2016 wasn’t quite the year that I had planned. As is the way with life a number unplanned and unexpected things got in the way. From H having a broken collarbone right at the beginning of summer, to a drunk driver smashing into our car wrecking it and causing me back pain. We spent most of the year trying to fit what we wanted to do around appointments and sorting our life back out.

As it stands though 2016 wasn’t all bad. It gave me the opportunity to be around locally more, which allowed me to support some of the local races. I also got Southern Ladies MTB off the ground with the excellent Laura Griffiths (keep your eye on this lady in 2017 as she hits up more races!) and I got to ride and meet with lots of other Mountain Bike loving ladies which has been great, I’m looking forward to riding with them more over 2017. 

Last year was the first year I wrote out a list of goals and I was pleased that although I felt the year hadn’t gone so well, I had actually achieved quite a few of these goals which really surprised me. Last year I also had my first snowboard lesson which I absolutely loved and can’t wait to have my next lesson in 2017. 

As I found the goal writing thing so effective, I have decided to write another list for 2017 which includes a couple of events that I have entered to help me work towards my goals. Two of these events are running events – Rough Runner and The Colour Run. I also plan to enter a few rides, I’m not a competitive person at all so these types of events are perfect for me to join in with a smile.

The image attached shows my Strava 2016 stats which I am looking forward to smashing in 2017! Here’s to a new year.


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