About Miss Cufuffle

Riding a Bike has always been a bit of a family affair for me. When I say family affair, I’m not thinking along the lines of The Atherton’s or Carpenter’s, but my own normal family.

I remember learning to ride my first Bike. My Dad taking off the stabilisers and my Mum taking me out for my first ride of freedom… straight into a bush of stinging nettles. In spite of this,she picked me back up and got me going again until I could ride around unaided. Not bad for a Mum who herself can’t ride a Bike!

Shortly after this I remember another incident, where after following my Brother down a slight road hill, I hit the pavement curb at the bottom and went flying up into a hedge. Apparently there were these things called breaks, who knew!

It wasn’t long before I was riding around with less issues and soon taught my younger Brother to ride his bike. Something I’m still proud of.

For a long time riding a Bike became more of an activity saved for getting to the shops quicker or to the pub and back. This was until just over a year or so ago when my Husband started taking me out for Bike rides in the Countryside. Finally using a Mountain Bike for what it was designed for and that was it, I was hooked.

I’m not going to lie, I am slow rider and have just as many accidents as that little girl did all those years ago, but that sense of freedom, fun and adventure just can’t be beaten for me!

I hope you find this blog useful and fun. My wish is to inspire more Ladies to take up Mountain Biking and to share some of the things I come across on my journey. I enjoy Mountain Biking the most but I also plan to make 2017 a fitter year in general and intend to blog on my progress which I hope will also help to inspire others to reach their goals. If I can then you can!

To a healthy 2017!




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